September 7, 2011

The transition to cyclocross is almost complete. One more set of Rolf Prima wheels need to show up and I am ready for the season. I am extremely lucky to be able to race this season again with, Blue bikes, Rolf Prima wheels, and Lazer Helmets. They have worked together to put together the best possible program that I could hope for. stepped it up this year a little more for me and will provide me with a full selection of my choice of special edition FMB tires. This is probably going to be one of my biggest upgrades over last year and I think it is going to be a huge advantage to have a top end tire to choose from for the races. I used FMB tires late last year and thought they were far supperior to anything else, even Dugast, due to the fact that the sidewalls already had a sealant on them from the factory. They have excellent tread choices and even a new mud tire which I'll have set up called the Gripo XL. Cyclocross racing has a really good selection of tires so you should check them out if you are looking to get going for the season.

Blue has provided me with two matching Norcross SL bikes again with Shimano DA 10spd. I thought the bikes were awesome last year and since not much changed this year, they should be awesome again.

Mike Phillips and Sram hooked me up with 2 sets of the Avid Ultimate brakes. I've been riding them already and I think they are going to really increase my ability to stop along with the new special red pads Rolf Prima gave me. One of the main problems with the TRP EuroX brakes I used last year was the stopping power, I think already with these they are noticeably stronger and I really like that you can adjust the spring tension to your own feel. Hopefully the wet weather stopping power is just as good.

I also received 4 sets of the new and upgraded Rolf Prima 38CX carbon wheels for this season and they decalled them in yellow special to match the Blue bikes! Last year I was very happy with them and this year they are lighter, coming in at 1207grams! I started gluing them and hopefully will have them finished by the weekend. I am really lucky to have such a great wheel sponsor with a product that works well.

Down the road I am going to try and highlight each of the sponsors and show what they provide me with and how it makes a difference in my racing and training a little more in depth. Right now with all the bike building and wheel gluing time is running short, but once everything is set up proper I'll be able to spend a little time on the equipment choices for some of the races. I also have a couple little custom parts I am working on and if they turn out, I'll have to share how that goes.

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