August 19, 2011

I've been taking a good break this week from the bike. It's my 2nd of the year and at about 7 months into the season, it feels good to wake up and not get on the bike. Ore 2 Shore was going to be my last focus of the early season and now I'll start getting on the cross bike instead of the road bike. Still a couple of mtn bike races left, but the priority now is cross.

Ore 2 Shore was a fun weekend. The dynamics of the race have changed a lot in the last 5-7 years I think and I'm not sure why. I remember the first years I did the race and going gangbusters for the first 30 minutes after going over the luge climb. It just never let up. Now it seems like it is more road racing tactics with lots of group riding and lots of guys being able to sit in the group. I had the best legs I've ever had at this race this year so it was encouraging to be able to train specifically for the event, and then have excellent form. I was never in trouble at all in the race and always felt in control and comfortable. The last mile didn't play out that well for me, I think having Cole House in the race changed the race dramatically in the last 10 miles because of his strength and sprinting capability. Anyway, I tried a couple of attacks but Cole and Nathan were on everything. Brian launched one as we came out on the road and everyone hesitated. I wasn't going to chase Brian with Cole on my wheel but Cole waited to long to try and bring Brian back. I was hoping I'd be able to jump him in the last 50 meters but Cole kept it at about 35mph for the last 300 meters which is what makes him so good and why he can win a Pro sprint. He almost caught Brian but ran out of room in the gravel corners. 3rd again for me, I think my average for this race is 2 1/2nd but being on the podium is always fun.

I've had some good home improvement projects on the list and after living in the house now almost 2 years the entire list is getting short. Got a dishwasher wired, plumbed, and installed Monday. Sprayed the front of my house white on Tuesday because the upper half aluminum siding was fading. Spraying with a paint made for aluminum worked awesome and took very little time with a good sprayer. It looks like brand new siding again. Wednesday/thursday I filled all the cracks in the blacktop driveway with sealer and today I coated it. Nothing looks better than a jet black driveway.

I'm hoping my new cross equipment shows up next week so I can work on that while I start to regroup and get ready to get into training again. I might get on the bike this weekend for Race the Lake around lake Winnebago, it's just to close and too much $$$ to pass up a shot at. I'll have some stale legs at the start but they should clear out by High Cliff State Park I hope.

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