April 22, 2011

Rest Week?

I'm not sure I should call my recovery week a rest week anymore. It seems like it never means rest. In a perfect world I would reduce volume, sleep extra, eat good and generally let my body recover from the previous 3 weeks of training. Instead I find myself trying to get other projects done so that when I am back on training I have it taken care of and can just focus on training again.

This week we finally had Paceline construction ( cool name huh - he rides) and they are putting new windows in our house. The ones in there were installed in 1915 and were in great condition considering their age, but they weren't up to today's standards or convenience.

Then today since it was raining I decided to start the project of putting 4 new struts in the Subaru. 120,000 miles on the originals and it is needed. It went pretty fast actually and I had it done before I left for work. Not a bad job at all with the electric impact wrench, that thing makes easy work out of rusted bolts.

BAck on the bike again tomorrow for the Whitnal park race. It's one of my favorite races and one of the first crits I ever did. Last year I won out of 3 man break. The last couple years it's been wet and cold but tomorrow looks like we might actually get something other than wet and cold, maybe a little sunshine? Sure would be nice, I'm forgetting what it feels like.

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Anonymous said...

I had to put a tranny in the Volvo in November. Timing was perfect since it blew out two days after returning from Iceman. Plus, I had four days off in a row for Thanksgiivng so I was able to fix it and probably save around $2000.

We have to replace all of our windows soon... Man I wish money grew on trees.