April 12, 2011

Finally some sunny warmish weather in WI to enjoy the last couple of days. It's been so long that I have been in the sun I have been getting a rash and what looks like an alergic reaction wherever the sun touches me. Sock line, neck line, seems in my shorts, holes in my leg warmers. I can go outside for a few minutes and my scalp will itch like mad and anything exposed to the sun will break out in rash. I was a little scared to ride with just shorts on at the race saturday, it wasn't especially warm, but warm enough not to wear leg warmers. I had some rash going on, but not bad. And now, wherever I got the rash, it isn't coming back when exposed again very bad so I think my body is just in a little shock from UV rays. I did a little internet searching and found it can happen from lack of sunlight on your skin for extended periods of time. Wow, I need to move. Jamie and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary today. It snowed on our wedding so I guess in 3 years things haven't gotten much better in that respect. I guess I still live in WI though so why would it change. We had a good laugh in bed the other night. Jamie is training for a 1/2 marathon and I had ridden 3 hours to the crit in Milwaukee, then raced and came home straight to work until 11pm. I came home from work, made a leftover taco and went up to bed to eat it while I talked to Jamie. She was hungry too and sent me down for a leftover ham sandwhich we had packed for at the race. So, we sat in bed at midnight and ate snack of tacos and ham sandwhiches. We are really burning through the calories here these days. I've been happy with how my training has been going the last few weeks. Less distractions this year right now than last so I am getting more time in on the bike. Averaging more around a 14hr week than the 10-12 of last yaer. Not a lot but some. I have no idea what the mtn bike trails are like right now, 2.5 weeks away from opening day and I don't have a mtn bike again. Seems like it happens every year. I did get a new Felt frame in the mail but waiting on Shimano, hopefully the new 10spd is worth the wait. I better take some pics of something to get up to make this blog a little more interesting.


Vicki said...

My husband suffers from a similar rash. It is called: exercise uticaria. The advice he was given is to take an antihistamine when the rash appears. He often gets it on his legs and chest - basically where his bib shorts make contact with his body.


~ Tandis ~ said...

I hear that you guys are eating WHOLE pizzas at the local Pizzeria too?! Sheesh! :)

Anonymous said...

last year was a pretty good year. Why add 35% to your workload?