March 1, 2011

Tax Returns

Anyone looking to upgrade their ride for this coming cross season could consider putting their tax returns towards this sweet ride. I need to get rid of the old stuff taking up room in the basement. Get the whole bike (minus wheels) for the price of 10spd DA - just ask.

Other than getting ready to be getting some new equipment not much is going on these days. February is a long month to get through in WI but lucky it's short. It was cold, warm, and cold again and it looks like trainer time and skiing will still be on the ticket for a while yet. No reason to slaughter yourself outside unless your on skis. I am trying to upgrade my ski equipment too finally. I've been wishing I had for a long time now and this just might be the year. !0 years is a lot to get out of them, especially when they were the skis I learned on and abused pretty bad for the first couple years.
Bike fitness is coming back with some solid workouts from Gordy and my first LT test had me 12 watts higher than the same time last year with 1 month less time on the bike before it. Not sure what that means, maybe I better recalibrate the powertap? At least I know now I can ski before cross nationals in January and it might not hurt me too bad next year.


Sarah Lukas said...

Ugh I need to get rid of mine too...But currently is my road race rig...

Youre little girl is just getting so big!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a bike shop in the background.