February 21, 2011

Sister #4 got married this weekend, someone said we have had 5 weddings in 7 years in our family, I'm not sure if that is true but it sounds just about right. Margo was one of my "little sisters" but she is not so little anymore, it's hard not to think of her still being Ellie's age now.
Age gaps get smaller as we get older I guess.

Family keeps getting bigger

We had a little downtime during the afternoon and went to the old truck stop with my grandparents for coffee. They live in Green Bay and said they are sick of the hype surrounding the Packers. It's hard to find time with grandparents so opportunities like this are nice and they have a lot of wisdom. Grandpa is always asking about my job and racing, he is one of my biggest fans.

Jamie sewed Ellie and her dresses and they looked great

exploring great grandmas purse


Jessica said...

You got some very nice pictures. It was good that you got to spend time with G & G.

~ Tandis ~ said...

You're very right, age gaps get smaller as we get older.
Dana and Aaron got married 7 years ago in January so it's about right the 5 weddings in 7 years. I think it's because we must like wedding parties so much? Or just like to get a new face in our holiday gatherings?