October 25, 2010

Louisville, KT USGP #3&4

So you think you can dance?

I had a powertapSL built up a couple weeks ago on a nice light tubular rim and finally got a course ok to race it. It's a very light wheel at 750g so definitely race worthy. I wanted to race it in Ohio two weeks ago but got scared. This weekend the course was ok to ride it where I didn't feel it to be a disadvantage. Usually I am not into talking to much tech on here but rather than give another race recap I thought those of you out there training with power might find it interesting to see what you need to finish top 5 at a USGP of cyclocross. I found it very interesting. I finished 5th both days.

Saturday's course was probably about average pedaling for a US cross race, Sunday's course had a lot more turning and the pedaling sections weren't as long but I only rode the wheel Saturday. I think it will give a pretty good picture of what it takes to race at the top level of the sport.

I was surprised somewhat to see only a 270 watt average and a 295 watt normalized power. But, powertap also said I spent over 10 minutes at ZERO watts, so that is 1/6 of the race not pedaling. That is pretty huge. Powertap also said I had 35 surges over zone 10 - that is massive. I don't think there are too many kinds of races where you doing 1200watts that many times in an hour. Warming up I hit 1345 watts on steep run up that I was riding, I don't think I've ever seen a number like that before on a powertap but it's amazing what those little 5-10 pedal strokes can hit sometimes.


Johnny Stash said...

nice work out there once again tristan. keep it rollin man.

Glen said...

Tristan, I didn't recognize you in your new kit at USGP Louisville until late in race 2 on Sunday when you were putting the hurt on Todd Wells...then started cheering for you. Good job out there. I raced earlier in the day on both days. I enjoyed looking at your power data and agree those short steep hills were a grunt.
Glen Jones

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this info. It's a lot of fun comparing your files to those of us mere mortals! While my w/kg were within shouting distance of yours, those surges are out of this world compared to what I could even dream of doing. Combine those with the mad skills you've got going and even though my w/kg are close I'm pretty sure you could lap me in some penny loafers and on an old Schwinn cruiser!

Keep it up man, love watching you race!