December 15, 2008

Solid weekend of skiing and riding. 2.5 on skis Saturday, 2.5 on the bike Sunday. Bummer weather though, it finally warmed up over 20 degrees but made it all the way to 40 for a good chunk of the weekend with some rain thrown in. Now it's 4 degrees out with a 30mph wind, not sure how the snow in the woods held up for skiing with the warm temps, but it's too cold to check it out now anyway. Probably just a frozen lake out there now.

Checked the results from Nationals. I wasn't surprised Trebon won, was surprised at the rest of the top 5 though, good to see other names up there taking shots at it. Didn't look a course that would have suited my style too much though. It was definitely more relaxing being here during nationals than being there all gripped about it the whole weekend though, but not as fun.

It will be an interesting day in the big brown truck today, dress warm!

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