December 10, 2008

It's All Good

Survived the snowstorm yesterday inside the UPS truck with Glenner. My hip flexors are smoked today from running with heavy boots on through everyone's snowplowed driveways.
Big Glenner had everything under control though, unplowed streets were no match to his skills with the second gear. We had a riot driving around downtown watching angry citizens try and talk their way out of parking tickets. If I were the police I'd give tickets to those who snowblow their driveway into the road. What's up with that anyway?
We got a little light by the end of the day and did have to man up and pop the chains on, no worries though, it's all good in Glen's truck.
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Biwan said...

Glenner!!! Wish I could work with Glen all day instead of dealing with bratty kids.