November 30, 2008

Dead Meat

I missed not being at Jingle cross this weekend, but spending 4+ days and about 50 hours in the woods the last two weekends was pretty fun too. Ended up with 4 deer, that's a lot of venison. Comes out to about about .50 cents a lb which is some pretty cheap lean meat. I'm getting my cross training in throwing boxes at UPS and running across lawns, not exactly what I wanted to be doing this fall but that's how it ended up. There's about 4" of snow on the ground now and it's still snowing, training for cross is ok but when it's nasty like this out it makes me a little happy I'm not out there riding in it every day. Jamie put up Christmas stuff over the weekend, I missed the last two Christmas's being in Belgium. It feels a little weird not having goals like that right now, next season will start soon enough.
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Nice shootin T-Pain.