November 17, 2008

20 Minutes of Fitness

Last Tuesday the doctor unexpectedly told me I was ready to go again. That after 3 months of telling me not to bother training, don't train, you shouldn't train, you won't be able to race this year, hang it up for the season your done, go home and drink hot chocolate but don't bother training cause you aren't racing, and I'm telling you not to race this year.
He actually asked me what my plans were for racing because the shoulder was pretty much healed with even some extra bone growing in over the top just to make that nasty lump on my shoulder that much bigger. I said "seriously, because for the last 3 months you told me not to bother, and I haven't".

Needless to say I packed up the car on Saturday and cruised down to Whitewater so I could unretire, then reretire on the same day yet still get at least one cross race in for the season and something to look forward to the rest of the long approaching winter.
I was impressed with the beach section, I think a first for WI cross. I think doing 17 laps in one hour was also a first for WI cross, if there hadn't been 200ft of climbing per lap I might of come away thinking I was still clinging to some sort of shape, but that hill broke me with 10 minutes to go. Really that was an accomplishment though because I calculated that I would only have 20 minutes of fitness on a course that short and straight up and down.

I'm still trying to get rid of a bunch of skinsuits and some other stuff HERE, make me an offer I can't refuse, I gotta get rid of this stuff!


Anonymous said...

state championships are this weekend you should unretire again and give em a run for the money

Tristan Schouten said...

If I shoot the big one opening morning there's a chance I'd do it, but I'm pretty committed to killing deer at this point.

Julie said...

not Bambi! I think killing it at a race is a far better idea. Jingle Cross?