October 4, 2008

This Blog Has Gotten Lame, I'm Leaving

Time to get out of Dodge. Too many days at home this summer without enough travel. It can be a good thing, but after a while I just need a change of scenery. The cow pastures are killing me right now and the manure spreaders are hittin' it hard and leaving all my favorite roads all cow pied up. The corn fields are being picked and every day there is a new wide open area that before had stalks over my head - it's getting bleak here fast. I rolled out this morning in full winter gear at 31 degrees - ridiculous! I've used up all my 2-3 hour loops while trying to recover and my mind is going numb riding over the same tar filled cracks every 5 ft, ka-tunk, ka-tunk, ka-tunk, ka-tunk.
So, a little change of pace and camping trip out west will do the motivation and mind a little good. Ride some roads I haven't been on for a while and see some new places I haven't been. Maybe even ride up a road that has a climb longer than 45 seconds, I think I have forgotten how to do it.
Peace - I'm out
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Mountaingoat said...

The monument climb, dang I'm jealous. That's one of my favorite rides.

Anonymous said...

Come on out to colorado... tj an I did just a 4.5hr epic mtb. 1.5hr straight climb and 1+ hr decent of some of the sweetest trails i've ever ridden!!

Mark said...

missed watching you race this weekend in Ohio! - wasn't the same w/o seeing you throw down your whoopass.
weather was hot, courses fast and dusty. Largest fields ever.
get better -