October 16, 2008

End Of Season Vacation

Back from the trip with a little over 3600 miles of driving in 8 days. Sheboygan - Salt Lake City - Moab - Boulder -Sheboygan. The 500 miles from SLC to Boulder were beautiful and fun, the remaining miles across Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa were painful.

The mission was somewhat of a success. The real reason for going was to meet with Dr Testa at the TOSH clinic in SLC. I had been talking with him over the phone for the last month on my health issues and we finally decided a trip out would be worth it. That place is awesome and Dr Testa was by far the most friendly and thorough doctor I've ever met. I spent about about 10 hours with him total in two days through which time we went over everything that's been going on and then did quite a bit of testing on and off the bike. In the end he pretty much ruled out most things that could be causing my mystery illness and in the blood testing concluded that most likely I have a virus, Epstein Bar, that has been messing with my health the last few seasons. While most of my doctors in this area brushed this off as a past episode, doctor Testa says this is most likely the culprit with my strange symptoms and inability to train or race well the last few seasons. Probably made worse by the fact that I was racing in the late fall and through the winter with just enough recovery between seasons to start out feeling better, but a quick return to the symptoms once intense training started. For me this is at least a starting point in beginning a recovery, or at least having an idea what is going on and not allowing me to recover or train well from day to day.

Jamie and I camped in some pretty awesome places along the way. A really cool campground in between SLC and Park City at about 7200ft, a little chilly, but an awesome view and sweet riding. After the visit at TOSH we headed down to Moab and realized 24 hours of Moab was going on which pretty much meant every campground was sold out, we ended up at Dead Horse SP which turned out really nice even though we suffered through two nights of 40 mph winds blowing sand in everything we owned.

Then it was back through Boulder for a night there, when we left at 5am I had to chip ice off the windshield and everything had a light layer of slush on it from the overnight rain, but the drive up over the mountains on I70 still is one of my favorite drives and there wasn't much for snow on top, just once we came over the eastern edge. I did get in a ride in Sunday morning too on the Colorado National Monument where we camped overnight after leaving Moab. Up and over the monument and back again meant about 20 miles of climbing in 3 hours which felt pretty good. I love that ride.

No pictures from the trip yet unfortunately. I had to go with the throw away as my Olympus died again for the 2nd time. These digital cameras are just junk these days. It seems no matter what you pay, it takes about a year for them to quit. I've had $100 ones last a year, and this one which was $250 last a year, then I had it repaired for $110, and now it stopped again and wont focus. I think the only way to go is to buy the no questions asked insurance at Sears and then just plan on brining it back when it breaks. Usually I don't buy the insurance, but these cameras just seem to be junk and buying $30 in insurance is better than buying a new camera once a year.

Maybe I'll get some pictures up of the trip when I get the film developed, I wonder where you do that at?

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Ian Stanford said...

Film eh? Hmmmm, I heard of this place from a friend of a friend that supposedly has the ability to make that film stuff into actual pictures. However, I am not sure if they are pulling my leg on the location of this ancient device. Good luck with your film camera. I personally enjoy the instant success of owning a Polaroid camera. Aim, shoot, and instant picture. Now, if I can just find a re-fill. Digital camera's? I lose them before they can die. Good luck getting this thing cured man.