September 1, 2008

Trainer Time

Healing is going well, better than I expected. I was able to ride the trainer 4 days after surgery with medium pain, but not too bad. Since then I have been able to increase my time on the bike, I have been outside riding as well which I am glad I could do since riding the trainer is really hot this time of year and it's still pretty boring regardless of the season. Riding outside takes a lot of focus since bumps, cracks, and holes jar my shoulder pretty bad, but my strength is coming back now and I can ride longer without it getting tired. My neck is pretty sore so turning to look for cars takes a little more time, but I've been riding back roads with low traffic and being carefull. What I discovered after a week or so was that my lower back and hip took a pretty big hit as well and sneezing even now almost puts me on my knees it hurts my hip/back so much.

Sleeping has been tough since I don't like to sleep on my back and it hurts a lot more at night. Usually it's pretty sore in the morning from sleeping on it funny but it's getting better by the day. The staples hopefully are coming out Wednesday, it feels like they are poking me when I turn my neck certain directions which kinda hurts. Overall I am feeling pretty good and glad it healing as fast as it is. If things continue like this I am hoping I will be able to race, although I don't know exactly when that might be, but it seems like it is healing fast.
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... said...

Hang in there and remember. It's a long way to December ! and you'll be twice as motivated then the rest of the posse.
I broke a bone in my hand two weeks ago. So I know what you mean about BUMPS..ouch!!!
Be careful out there on those open highways...

Jeff W.

the fat guy who rides said...

here is some motivation for you, i found on youtube

Jake said...

Is that gatoraide towel from the national training camp in Lubbock, TX in 2000? Mine served as my trainer towel until I got a new one at a triathlon last year. I'm glad I wasn't the only one using that towel for so long.