September 9, 2008

Healing, Sort Of

Healing has been going OK since I got the staples out last week. My collarbone doesn't hurt enough so I have caught myself reaching for something or lifting something I shouldn't because it doesn't hurt until I am doing it. It feels pretty good for the most part though and doesn't bother me too much as long as I don't try to do too much, mostly my shoulder gets tired and that reminds me to back off. Riding has been going ok, I have been able to ride outside for two weeks with mild discomfort, I just have to keep an eye out for bumps and unweight my hand when I am going to hit one. Other than that I can support myself fine and have pretty good strength on the bars and standing hasn't been a problem at all.

Unfortunately, the doctor told me the break was severe enough that racing, according to him, is out of the question for 3 months until the bone is 100% healed. The plate is holding things in place, but, according to him, it's not strong enough to support the bumping and jarring of a race and a crash without 100% bone healing could bend the plate or keep the bone from healing back thoroughly and then it would be weak forever. So, according to him, best case scenario is that it might be healed by mid November, that would be 3 months. My other health issues haven't been resolved yet and didn't change at all during my two weeks off so unless that gets straightened out soon the prospect of making a comeback yet is looking somewhat faint. I do have some contacts at the Boulder Center Sports Medicine now and a trip out there could be in the plans, also my doctor here has a contact at the Mayo clinic which could be an option too. If only it was just my collarbone, that would be easy to get through.

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tinny said...

Tristan, are you going to be well enough to race the Cincinnati International Cyclocross Festival on October 10-12? 3 UCI cares in one weekend, in one city. Check it out and tell your friends