June 9, 2008

State RR Championships

This weekend I saw a few BIG things. Big rain puddles, big rain clouds, big storms, a big climb, and a big ISCorp team. State RR championships were held this weekend in between some of the biggest thunderstorms I've seen/heard in a long time. ISCorp brought a team big enough to take up 1/4 of the field, that's big. The smallest thing I saw all weekend was Kyle J's 11/23 cogset for the climb, the biggest one I saw was Kip's 28 - Kip beat Kyle. Kip beat Tristan too, but not as bad as Kyle.

It was a fun race even if ISCorp dominated from start to finish. I haven't done a good hard RR in WI for a long time so it was fun to get out there and go fast for a few hours while ISCorp did all the work and shut everything down. In the end 5 riders got off the front that ISCorp decided could go, of course 3 of them where them, but they played it the way they should - except for when GDV finally got the front and started rotating and ISCorp went and rode in front of them and put the brakes on - that wasn't so pro of them. But, the field slowly dwindled down to about 15 riders in the end with 5 guys up the road. I had a few good shots off the front but got shut down and eventually waited for the last lap to try and get away. It was close a few times and I dropped Kyle pretty hard which felt good, but the best I could manage was 5th in the uphill sprint for 10th overall. It was fun and we had a good couple of laughs during the race at random things and I'm sure Kyle will get me back at the state crit championships.

WORS Cup stage race coming up this weekend, hopefully it dries out well from the 6" of rain we got over the weekend.

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