June 1, 2008

Four Flats in Two Seconds

Not too good of a day for racing in the car I drove with today. I was following Brian down the rocky decent on lap three when I saw both his wheels start spitting Stan's sealant over his head, two seconds later I must of hit the same rock cause instantly I had Stan's running down the back of my legs too.
That's a lot of $$$ in wrecked tires. Out of the the 4 people in the car, 3 of us flatted for a total of 5 flat tires out of 8.

I crashed on the first lap in the singletrack and burped my front tire to about 15 psi so I was having a hard time in the singletrack when the train left the station. I guess it was only a matter of time before I flatted it anyway with all those sharp rocks. Kinda funny that I don't remember the last time I flatted, then I doubled with Brian at the exact same time.
I think I have to talk to Eppen about these marks, Brian asked if I got run over, it appears I did.

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Sarah Lukas said...

Dumb flat tires.