June 28, 2008

Earn Your Strawberries

No racing this weekend, it's easy to get in the groove of racing every weekend and forget that those specific workouts you should be doing are getting forgotten about. So, this weekend I didn't race and spent the majority of my hours on the bike the last few days working on threshold training. It's not the funnest of workouts, but after two weeks of it I'm already seeing results and the powertap doesn't lie. I pretty much went straight from base miles to a few weekends of racing this spring, so now after actually starting threshold work it's obvious to me what has been missing at the races. I'm hoping to increase my threshold power by at least 10% by this fall and if I can do that, I think it will make a big difference for the cross season.
Jamie was out fighting mosquitos this morning for the strawberries and she took home a good chunk of the field at 36lbs. The rest of the afternoon we spent cleaning and eating them. That's some good smoothie material for the next few months, my thumb is trashed from cutting the tops off of them.
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Anonymous said...

I hope you helped her pick some of those berries...

You're not going to put in the secret ingredient and ruin the smoothies, are you????

Scott KJ

Anonymous said...

10% is a big increase. Did you get the 5 min number we talked about in MQT?