April 27, 2008

I thought I would have a chance this week to tell a few stories about the wedding and honeymoon, but between riding, work, and then moving this weekend I have been too slammed to ever get at it. Since we got back last Sunday we've been getting ready to move, actually, I should say Jamie was, I didn't think too much of it until Friday morning when I started boxing my stuff up, by Friday night I was moved across town, be it in a none too clean or organized manner. I figured since I was only going about 5 miles it didn't matter how it got there, just that it got done in the 3 hours I allotted for boxing, then unloading. Yeah, it was a mess.

We are in now though and sitting pretty nice, even got internet and cable tv so this will probably be the first year I'll see a few stages of the tour. I've been pushing the limits of the 8pm sunset the last few nights squeezing in rides before dark, not too pro, but starting Monday I'll be back on schedule. I missed doing the crit 10 minutes from my house today, that was kind of a bummer, but it wouldn't have been pretty even if it was tempting.

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