April 8, 2008

GT Bicycles

Wow, I just got back from an afternoon meet and greet at GT Bicycle headquarters in Madison, WI and it was great! Too bad the only pictures I got where of a bunch of cardboard boxes. I Met the people that will be taking care of my bicycle needs for the season and went over a bunch of different things, it's really going to be a fun season with GT on board and it's great that they are so local. Three top of the line bikes to race on and great group of people to work with, I really have to thank Bob Downs and Planet Bike for taking the time to put it all together so that I have the best equipment and support out there, only leaving the actual racing up to me, time to step up to the plate!
I got the bikes together already and couldn't be happier, the Zaskar hardtail weighs in at 20.5lbs straight from the box and the Marathon just over 23 with the road bike a hair over 15lbs with the brand new DA tubeless wheels installed - NICE! I probably won't get out on them till I get home from the honeymoon, hopefully some trails are dried out by then to get some time in on them. All the rain today should have the roads clear of all the salt and sand by now so maybe it's even time to put away the 20lb bonk bike and test out the new GTR.
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benlikesbikes said...

So awesome Tristan! Congrats on the new rides and support as well as getting hitched!

joel said...

Tristan - can you give a little more info on GT. Does pacific cycles still own them? Where are the frames mfgd?

BTW, nice rigs!