March 16, 2008

I think the skiing season is officially over for me. There was a 40 degree difference from last weekend to this weekend so the fenders and the bonk bike came out and I started putting in the miles. Not too many pictures to post since everything is nasty dirty right now and all my pockets are filled with food, ipod, food, jackets, food, and an extra tube. It was OK riding this week, got caught out today a little underdressed when I misjudged the wind on the return route and had to battle a 20mph headwind with the sun at my back, it only took 2 minutes for my hands to go from comfortable to almost numb with the east wind blowing through my gloves. Other than that it was half way decent for bike practice, I can't wait for the days when we get slushy freezing sleet and 3" of accumulation and I have a bike ride to do, but I guess that's just how it is here. I think it's hilarious that it was 43 degrees here on saturday and I saw a bunch of people wearing shorts and one convertable with it's top down, it's going to be at least another month or more before it's anywhere near temperatures for that kind of thing, people just get a little carried away I guess.
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D A N O said...

I wear shorts year round here....

but my top is always up.

®andyA said...

Gonna be gettin' another snow storm here in MI tomorrow ... pttttth!

On another note, I've just read about the new addition to the Planet Bike team. You guys must be all jazzed to have JP coming on board. Can't wait to see you guys racing in MI this fall.