December 31, 2007

Out Cold

Last night I sat in bed with a mug of tea and watched the Superprestige race in Diegem, live on television, instead of from the back row of the race. I have a cold that has taken over everything from my neck up and it's making life quite miserable. Yesterday I had full body aches, congested nose, and swollen glands in my neck. Sleeping has been hard enough for me the last week, much less mouth breathing, it's no wonder I'm sick!

It's a little discouraging to be here, but watching the races live on tv while knowing you could be out there with those guys. I find it interesting that when I miss a race like that it's always disappointing to not be out there giving it, but then some times when I'm out there giving it and suffering, thoughts of being in bed and watching the race on tv seem so much better.

I guess the stresses of travel, racing, and not sleeping well catch up with you eventually. Ryan is down with the same thing and word today is that Jeremy Powers is too. Tim Johnson says his results are not as good since he has not been sleeping well here either, so it seems that jumping on a plane and coming here to race is not as easy as it would appear, or maybe it's just a matter of time before it all catches up with you.

None the less, we will all most likely get over it soon enough and hopefully be fresh and recovered when it happens. I'm not sure what my plans are for post euro cross camp, the words World Championships have been talked about, along with staying here for an extra week or two just to do the next few world cups, but nothing has been decided yet. Calling the season after camp would feel very strange, it would be hard to just stop like that. We'll see how the next few days go.


D A N O said...

Back in the day when I raced moto-X I knew a bunch of guys who flew over there to race.

Its touph to do. Everything is changed. Food, time, language and more.

I give ya props.....

Get better....

Rowbear said...

sweet, you got the louisville kids in your photo