January 1, 2008

9th Grote Prijs Sven Nys C1, GVA #6

Back on it again today after a few days off. Tomorrow is the last race of camp so I wanted to try and get the legs warmed back up for a good ride in Sint Niklass and I felt much better than the previous days. Today was the GP Sven Nys in Baal, Sven's hometown and he showed them why he is the man with a race named after him by taking the win mostly unchallenged. I think I spotted two different tents selling SN brand hats, t-shirts, jackets, and coats for a pretty hefty price, but looking around at the crowd there are definitely thousands of buyers. Sitting in the van changing before the race a crowd of about 20 walked past all wearing matching SN Supporter jacket and hats, sweet. He should come up with his own rubber boot, I bet those would be popular too since everyone is always wearing the same green ones.
Although the closer the race is to Holland, the better the chance of seeing wooden shoes instead. I already have a pair of those though.

The legs felt better than I expected, but by starting on the 3rd row, and the lack of a good warmup, I pretty much blew up by lap two and suffered the rest of the race because I just couldn't recover from the first lap. My legs feel much better now, and not very tired so hopefully tomorrow I can feel the 2nd day magic. Today I was 26th, and if Nys wouldn't be a minute up on 2nd, I'd have a chance of finishing on the lead lap. The results seemed all over the place for a lot of guys today since a lot of the riders are coming down sick, racing sick, or taking it easy for Nationals this weekend.

This picture goes out to Sager. He's been giving me some one liners that I should put on the back of my shorts for Sven to read as he passes, and also encouraging the on board camera shot for the moment I get lapped. Staging is as far I venture. What's it liking lining up behind these guys? Well, by now I'm over the "oh snap, that's Lars Boom, he's going to rip my legs off if I line up behind him" phase and I'm into the "hmmm, who don't I know here that I can line up behind", because if I don't know their name, they might be slower than the next guy over who is Neils Albert, or similar, allowing me a little more time to get into the race over getting blown out right away trying to stay up front, like today.

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