March 26, 2007

It's Getting Serious Now

All that money I won at the Gravel Rouser was burning a hole in my pocket so I drove to Boulder, CO. With gas at $2.50 a gallon it got me all the way to Dixon, IL - home of former President Ronald Reagan and ex Trek Midwest rider John Devine.

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The first day in shorts and short sleeve jersey is always one to write down in the training diary, skip the part of Nick Martin dropping me like a true flatlander that I am though. Read about that here if you'd like. March 25th was also "relize how pasty white your skin is from the last 6 months not seeing sunlight."
I was OK until we got up to 8500ft, at least it was warm up there. 5000ft of climbing the first day in was a good way to get the legs opened up from the last 4oo miles across Nebraska.

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Sitting on the back porch with a water bottle in hand trying to rehydrate the first night in is a great way to start the serious part of training. Can't beat the view though.


Tim Drankus said...

I heard you stole that 10 bucks from Matter!!

Melis said...

what a drag that I fly to Wisco & you take off for boulder. I'm back out there April 2nd, if your gonna be there give me a shout.