March 31, 2007

As The Days Go By

The days have been blending. Is it Tuesday, or Saturday? Does it matter? What does the training schedule say, oh yeah, train harder. Ride more and do it again today. Double days of riding multiplies the laundry load, I had to write home for extra chamois. The legs are finding their rhythm again as the training ramps up. Strange tan lines are reemerging and so is the 5,000 calorie diet.

Whitey Debroux has developed a must have for every cyclist - a high quality crash n burn kit for road rash. Many of you remember Whitey from racing WORS in Wisconsin a few years back. Now he lives the "pro" life in Boulder, racing for Team Einstein, running the cool new cycling website, and shipping boxes of Whitey's Crash & Burn kits around the country.
Whitey crashed hard at a race in Mexico almost a year ago and had some serious road rash which he had no idea how to treat. Through that experience he's put together one of the best kits you could have for a similar situation with instructions and everything Whitey found works the best for the most comfort and fastest healing.
I have always carried a homemade kit of my own when I go racing and it's come in handy more than one time. Whitey's Crash & Burn kit is way sweeter than mine and I would suggest picking one up and throwing it in the duffel bag, you'll be glad you did sooner or later. You'll be bummed you don't have one this summer when your dripping blood on the inside of your car and have nothing to clean and sooth the wound with as you drive two hours home from the ride.
Get one!

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