January 19, 2007

Belgium Day 2

Tape holding the nose together?

Today we rode early for a reason I'm not sure of yet, but it was nice to be done by noon and to have seen some Belgium countryside. We rode the canals to Hooglede where the world champs are next week, now I hear they are expecting 100,000 people and have even built a train station and have trains running specials there that weekend for the race! We also rode through were there is a small C2 race tomorrow about 15K from here, Trebon and Tonkin were contracted to race so I think they will, the rest of us will prepare for Sunday's world cup. I don't think I would want to race if I even had the chance as Tonkin said it was definitely a tractor pull in a farm field and that's definitely what it looked like as we rode by today. Not the best thing after 5 weeks of not racing and a world cup in Holland the next day. It's possible we'll make it over to watch for a bit as long as the weather is decent and it doesn't make me too tired. It's about the only opportunity I'll have to see a cross race here without being part of it which might be cool.

I'm pretty wiped from the jet lag yet but slept through last night for almost 11 hours. Hopefully tonight is the same.
I'll try and get some pictures up soon but the internet is slow here for that stuff.

Belgium cycling house

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