November 18, 2006

NC Gran Prix Day 1

We (athletes) put a lot of pressure on ourselves to win. Sometimes, even when I don't win I feel good about my race and sometimes I have "good" results and don't feel that good about it at all. Today was a "good" result, but I'm still pouting.

I can only blame myself though as I watched White and Cody ride away into the headwind just 1/2 way into the first lap. I was sitting perfect before the run up, but slipped my pedal on the downstroke upon remounting which almost crashed me over the bars. That was all those two needed to gap me going into the super long muddy headwind grass section which is not my strong point. I dangled for two laps chasing and then gave up when I got caught from behind by a sizable group.
I soon realized it was super easy to sit on the back of the group in the windy sections and quickly took charge of the back where I pretty much hung out until a lap to go. Charlie Storm attacked hard, I waited and then jumped across but couldn't quite catch the wattage cottage into the headwind and rolled in for 5th. Dang, isn't that what I got both days last year??
Michael Cody and Matt White (Fior di Fruity) made us all look like amature hour as they won by like 10 minutes or something, those Fruity guys are so hot right now!
Whatever, tomorrow is tomorrow and maybe I'll take off my training wheels and ride my bike like a big person.

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