November 12, 2006

Highland Park UCI - 6th

What a tough weekend of racing. Yesterday was good for a warmup so today I felt good, even confident as I arrived at the race with a light drizzle. One look at the course and I felt even better, slick and slimy grass and a very technical and challenging course.
As the races went on the rain fell harder and by the time we raced it was full on raining and the course had deteriorated into a mud bog.
Once again I had a great start and was riding really smooth as guys were sliding everywhere on the course. I pretty much pedaled right up to the front of the race and felt good and in control. Matt White put in a really strong move on the second lap and I couldn't cover it and then Horner went past me like a train, pushing about 3 higher gears than I was. I couldn't match that either and found myself drifting backwards once again. I didn't go as far back today, but I could tell I just wasn't able to match the power some of these guys have that it takes to push through 3" deep mud. I was riding really smooth and felt good letting my bike drift around the course, just couldn't push the big gear that they were. I think it's time to start working making my second and third laps stronger and be more careful at the start.
Afterwords I had a yardsale by the car as I set about trying to clean up and reload the vehicle. There's nothing worse than trying to pack clothing and equipment away that is completely wasted when you're living out of your car. I found a nearby hose and went to work, this year at least I'm prepared with a scrub bucket and cleaning equipment, one up on last year. I'm glad it was still warm out though or I'd of been done for. So, for now my equipment is at least clean again, my clothes are in the wash and I've got most of the dirt out of my ears. 6th place is better than 8th and one these years I'll man up and produce some power in these legs.


Jason said...

get you 50x27 ready. Boulder Boulder baby.

b-matter said...

coming to your neighborhoodto double barrier your hits