November 8, 2006

Back On The Road With With a New Brew

I keep forgetting that a 7am flight means getting up at 4:30. Luckily, Jamie was still up for dropping me off and didn't mind getting to work 3 hours early - thanks.
I flew back out to Baltimore today to do the two MAC VERGE UCI races this weekend near Philly and to pick up my car. It's been sitting out here since I drove home. I've been living out of my duffel bags for almost a month now but I've got everything pretty organized in my car so it's not too bad.

If you've raced the NORBA circuit, live in Michigan, or were at the Iceman this year, you probably know Derek Prechtl. Or, at least you smelled his coffee Friday night at Iceman registration. I met Derek in 2003 while training in Tucson, AZ. At the time he was making cherry soda in his apartment, now he's making coffee in Empire, MI.
I guess Derek has forgotten that I outsprinted him in 2003 for my first Iceman victory since he keeps hooking me up with some great coffee. I did a blog on SoGood coffee last year and it's only gotten better since then. New brews, home roasting, and his own coffee shop.
Currently I'm drinking the Palmares - I suggest you check this stuff out!


Donut said...

So when she dropped you off, did she give you that same evil look?

Anonymous said...

So are you bringing some of that coffee home to share, or are you just going to continue criticizing that "awful" stuff I drink?

Anonymous said...

that last anonymous sounded like your mom

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I was very nice to Tristan (and smiled)when I dropped him off at the spite of getting up at 4:00am to get him there. He should feel lucky to have such a nice girlfriend :)


Sonja said...

Yeah, bring some of that home and share it with me so that I don't have to be succumbed to the stuff mom makes.

ps> can I use your espresso machine while you're gone?