October 17, 2006

Staying Busy Not Doing Anything

I've been staying in Athens, OH since the last race and it's pretty nice. My ankles and hips were pretty sore from the races this weekend so I wasn't going to ride, but by 3 in the afternoon I was done napping, eating, and interneting so I went riding to pass the rest of the afternoon.
The riding is really good around here. The roads are twisting, the leaves are changing, and the climbs are long and steep. The dogs are fast though, and the shoulders are full of glass while the corners are filled with gravel, but that doesn't take away from how good the riding is. I eventually ended up on the bike path that circles the university just in time to catch soccer practice, football practice, cross country training, band practice and any other outdoor training that was going on. It was pretty entertaining to ride around each corner and see the different groups doing their thing.

I stopped by the local Trek dealer and said hi, I actually worked there for a few days last time I was here, helping out and putting bikes together in the evenings when I was bored and didn't have anything else to do. There's a local hammer that has a pretty fun time putting on crazy races like the Gravel Rouser and right now he's promoting another race, I think I'll be gone by then but it looks entertaining.
I'm waiting for the rain to subside so it's time to head down the cobbled street to get a calzone. Last night I had a darn tasty burrito so I'm looking to top that but it's going to be tough.

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