October 19, 2006

Gearing Up For The Weekend

The weeks all ready half over and it's time to pack back up and head further east. I got some good training in the last few days while I was here. I got lost yesterday and added an extra hour to my ride, but luckily I had plenty of food along so I really didn't care. Today was a double day so I was out doing intervals this morning, after a good nap and lunch I headed back out this afternoon but only made it about 20 minutes before the sky broke loose on me and I ended up putting my tail between my legs and riding through 4" of water on the way home. It was one of those rains were it was cool at first, I was just doing some practice over at the park and a little rain didn't matter, but then it really came down, the roads flooded, the sewers backed up and people were looking at me funny as I headed for home. At least it was warm.

This weekend are two pretty big races. One in Delaware and one in Pennsylvania. Saturday is a C1 event so I'm really hoping to hold my ground and finish up there, a top 10 would be great, but I'm really hoping for a top 5. Hopefully the course suits me, maybe all this rain will head up there this weekend and help me out. I think I'll still be one of the first call ups so that should help too, I better not blow it.


Anonymous said...

Good luck out east! We'll try to hold our own back in in Wisco here. Matter and myself might come join you for cross nationals in december....till then keep the rubber down

Street Player

Doug Swanson said...

Good luck Tristan. Stay at the front and give 'em hell...