July 4, 2006

The Local Flavor

4th of July, there's no other day in Sheboygan that you'll see, smell, or eat more bratwurst. Well, today or maybe during brat fest later this summer. Sheboygan is the bratwurst capitol of the world, for those that don't know, so even I have to load up the double brat for lunch and enjoy the local tradition once a year.

If you're able to muscle down the double brat and still lookin' for more, not too worry!

After lunch Jamie I took the bikes downtown to lakefront for some good mullet watching. I had to bust out Dad's antique Schwinn cruiser for the ride, but soon realized that a 45lb steel single speed with a monster front sprocket isn't really made for climbing up the only hill on the bike trail. Cadence was hovering near 10 revolutions as I did about 100 one legged squats up the hill.

She makes it look easy
And what do we find downtown, right near the beach? The Johnsonville Brat semi truck grill. Yep, that's right, a grill built on a semi trailer. Worlds largest grill they say. We love our bratwurst.

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Anonymous said...

great post.. this takes me home to sheboygan! on a related note, i was in china on business in october 06, working out in a hotel gym. espn2 was on with some brat-eating contest from sheboygan. the poor chinese guys in the gym didn't know what to think..