July 5, 2006

Gone Riding

Monday, I know I've already blogged once since then, but if I don't get this up soon I'll loose the opportunity to post it.

Allen and I headed out on an epic of sorts. One that required no peddling, no chamois, no water bottle full of cytomax or pockets full of Powergels. Nope, it was a day of searching out all the back roads in Kettle Moraine, WI and snorting through every 25mph scenic loop and drive we could find.

Riding wheelies, sliding through corners, taking shortcuts across fields, jumping sidewalks and generally just taking advantage of the combustion engine over my own two legs for power.

Endless back roads awaited us, I'd done my homework this spring, riding all the base miles, so the ride today would take us through each of the different routes that I normally have to pedal 2 hours to get to, but would be as easy as rolling back on the throttle.

I don't think too many others know every road in the surrounding counties as well as I do, I guarantee I can get you heading for Minnesota instead of for home.
And who can ride down a scenic gravel road without sliding around some corners

Or roostin' some gravel

Or every guys favorite, stomping your foot down in the middle of the trail and spinning donuts till you're dizzy!
We ended the afternoon with well over 100 miles and four hours on the bikes, not a bad way to get a bike ride in without peddling!

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