June 21, 2006

Sick Day #71

71 -Yep, that's the number of days I've been feeling sick. I finished the antibiotic treatment on Friday, but since then have felt no better. For a few days in there I thought it might be working but in fact, the last two days I'd say I've gotten worse. My face feels like it's swollen up like a balloon and there is no possible way to breathe through my nose. Imagine having a bad cold without the aching and runny nose, that's how I feel.
I went out for a ride yesterday and today because it seems like it loosens up my head a little bit, but the instant I get back off the bike I'm plugged solid again.
I'm going to try and get back in to the doctor before the weekend and see if he'll come up with something better than allergies like last time.
I tell you though, try taking 8 days off your bike and see how your legs react. I think mine completely forgot how to go around in circles! It took about an hour just to feel somewhat comfortable spinning circles. Today they felt normal again but riding when your head hurts just isn't that fun.

If your looking for some good racing this weekend, I suggest the Superior Bike Festival in Marquette, MI.
I heard Brian Matter is heading up there so everyone should go and try and beat him!
The crit is Friday night is awesome, it didn't start until about 10:15 yet it was still light out and there were tons of people out watching and cheering. Saturday is an 80 mile rolling road race and Sunday is a great mountain bike race with tons of technical singletrack and some good hard climbs. I really wish I could head up there and race again, Marquette is a great place to hang out for a weekend and the racing was great.


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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the mention. Sorry to hear you're fighting an illness and couldn't join us this weekend. Brian was up and took first in the XC. He was pipped at the line in both the crit and the 80 miler by Eric Marcotte.

Hope to see you next year.

Donn Wolf
Race Director
Superior Bike Fest