June 25, 2006

Back In The Saddle

I've got to give a shout out to the local hammer Dave Haase of Fon Du Lac, WI who finished the Race Across America in 4th place overall and was the 1st American! I'd been watching the race progress online all last week and it was great to see Dave finish it up in good condition and do so well.
I've known Dave for almost as long as I've been racing. I remember doing a cat.4 race once with Dave, in which he crashed, tearing his open his elbow. It just so happend that I had bummed a ride to the race with Dr. Ries who promptly cleaned out his elbow and stiched him up in the parking lot we were parked in!
If you've ever done the Sunburst Showdown WORS race and wondered why the course wasn't set up or mowed till the night before the race, it's because Dave is the promoter and is too busy training for RAAM to cut the grass. I guess it has paid off though with a solid result. Nice work!

Anyway, I have actually been back on the bike a few times this last week with some days being ok, and some days being, well, ok, but at least I was back on the bike and my legs were NOT feeling empty anymore. I was back at the docter on Thursday too, since I was actually getting worse and talking like I had the worst cold because I was so blocked up, and he put me on a different antibiotic for the next 15 days. The fact that I have been feeling better on my bike gave me hope that I was actually starting to beat this sickness, I guess time will tell as usual. the last few days have been better now so hopefull the trend continues.


Mike said...

You should sleep upside-down like a bat, maybe that will drain you out.

Jay Richards said...

Eat lots of yogurt if you are pumping in the antibiotics so you can restore the good bacteria that gets killed from the antis.

Ian Stanford said...

Yep, bust out the yogurt for sure. Man, you got to shake this thing. Go find a steamroom and boil it out of you. Get well.