June 3, 2006


I got all my lab tests back the other day and it looks like I have some allergies. Whatever sickness I had is either gone or they didn't pick it up, but I still have a plugged nose and I wake up with a sore throat and a cough now.
My legs have seemed to come around some this week and I actually got two solid rides in which is promising.
I found out my hematicrit is 49.2, not to shabby for someone that lives at sea level. I guess that doesn't mean too much too me though since I haven't exactly gotten any faster since I found that out. It is nice to know that it's not like 38 or something though I guess.
I'll be heading up to Wausau tomorrow for the WORS race so that will be a good test of how things are progressing.
This afternoon I'm heading out to Road America for the AMA Superbike Finals and then the rest of the evening are AMA Supermoto races. That should get me good and fired up for the race tomorrow, probably nice and dehydrated too but ya gotta have a little fun sometimes.
That's it, I should have an update and photos from both races this weekend.
See ya at the races!

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