May 31, 2006

Dr. Says

I finally got my camera phone sync'd up with my new laptop so now I can get back to taking undercover shots again without the bulky digital always banging around in my pocket.
Today I finally made it in to see the Doc. Maybe it's a few weeks longer than I should have waited but the answer was probably the same. Turned out I knew the doctor from coming in the bike shop were I work, since he rides a bit, so he was able to take my riding into consideration. Overall he didn't have much to say besides that he agreed I was sick, but didn't know what to do until the tests came back.
He did send me down to the lab for blood work and nose cultures so tomorrow I'll know if I have some allergies that might be antagonizing the sinus infection or if I really am still harboring some sort of virus.
Overall consensus I felt though was that I was a healthy young lad and that anything I did have would have to go away by itself. I'll wait for the blood tests and culture to come back tomorrow though before I know any more I guess.

In the mean time he prescribed a steroid nose spray and these multi colored chewable vitamins.
Then I went down to lab to get my blood taken. I'm pretty curious to see what my red blood cell count is and my hematicrit. I've never had it done before so it should be interesting to see that. I'm not sure if I want them to say I do have a virus or if I'd rather have them tell me I just have allergies that are messing with my sinuses but I'm almost more curious to see what kind of hematicrit I'm running these days after a month off.
Luckily for me the clinic's lab isn't as sketchy looking as a carboard box with a bunch of hoses and bags full of blood is like the stuff they found in the latest euro blood doping case. That's just freaky.

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