May 22, 2006

WORS #2 Alpine Valley, WI

The last week hasn't been all that exciting, mostly the reason the for the lack of updates. Usually my legs feel like a pile of bricks when I ride, so I haven't ridden very much lately.

Well, yesterday was WORS #2 at Alpine Valley and I thought I'd give it shot and see how the legs felt. Actually, I took a shot of espresso before I left home for a little wake up call and I think it triggered a migraine headache. By the time Brian and I got down to the race my vision had closed in to a little tunnel and my head felt like it was splitting in half. Not too nice. I laid down in the front seat of the car and turned the lights out for 40 minutes while everyone else warmed up. Bummer

Well, maybe I should have and maybe I shouldn't have but after awhile the nausea went away and I thought the headache wasn't as bad anymore so I decided to try and warm up a little bit. That went ok so I ran over and registered quick, rode around a little more and winced my way over to the line cause my head would split with every little bump I hit.

I took it easy the first lap, mostly because my legs were completely closed up from not riding or warming up much, but also cause I wasn't sure how my body was going to react and it hurt really bad whenever hit something hard. I slowly moved up to the lead and felt pretty good so I made some passes and ended up riding around in 3rd and 4th with Woodruff while we chased Swanson and Kelly, already up like 2 minutes on us.
finally on lap 4 Matter was closing in on us, almost there to make the bridge, but at the same time I put in a hard effort and felt like my legs just unleashed another 100 watts that they hadn't been using. I clicked it down two gears and throttled it up the climb wondering what had just happened.
The time splits were coming down on Kelly so I chased with all I had and ended up catching him in the last 500 yard of the race, I just couldn't get around him to the finish so he ended up beating me anyway but it was fun scaring him a little when he realized I was behind him.

It turned out to be a great weekend for Trek as we landed the 1st and 3rd podium in the men's and also Sarah KJ of Trek took 1st in the woman's, Nice job Sarah!!
I should have some pictures being emailed soon that I'll get posted.

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