May 25, 2006

A Struggle

Yeah, riding isn't always fun and games. I've still been struggling to find my legs, I've limited my training rides to an hour these last few weeks and sometimes I think its working, and sometimes I still feel tired. It sure would be nice to be on the Postal Service at this point and have access to the best docters and brains in the sport to help figure it out. It's frustrating not being able to train at the level you know you have to be training at to win, but at the same time my training was so bad a month ago that it wasn't worth doing that either.
Anyway, with all the standing around I'm doing now I went and bought a new pair of kicks. They should look good if I ever stand on the podium with them.

Jamie thought these would be cooler cause they were "cute". They wouldn't be that cute though if they were size 15 like the ones I had picked out.
Time to go ride I guess. I heard Lance say once it wasn't worth riding if you aren't going to for more than an hour or something like that so I'll shoot for an hour and see if I can make it.


Anonymous said...

Are those shoes hinting at something? HaHa

D A N O said...

Nothing wrong with "old school" Converse's.

D A N O said...


I dont need no stinking approval.

Eric O. said...

I know how you feel.I'm in the same boat your in right now.I just know what the problem is-WORK! Project "Thumper" is in the works and I should be ready to roll after all the legal stuff is done.Check for a pic on my blog next week.

Ian Stanford said...

Drink a Guinness. I think that will work. The catch? Stop after one. Ya, when a woman pulls out the small shoes at the shoe store......well.....yep. Rest up!