March 17, 2006


The last few days of riding has been brutal. Something about riding with a 20-30mph wind everyday just gets to ya after awhile and makes me really mad. Today wasn't so bad, but Wednesday and Thursday were ridiculously windy. I ended up riding in a small blizzard yesterday with horizontal snow blasting me in the face, luckily enough I had once again chosen the cross bike with fenders and they saved my life. I neglected the double visor though and paid the price with a wet face and frozen cheeks.
I rode with the Swedish national team on Wednesday and put in almost 5 hours with them. My right foot was cold the entire time, I'm hoping that I can finish at least one ride this month with at least some sort of feeling in my toes.

Today I rode the Madone again for the first time in almost a month. It felt so awkward after riding mountain bikes for a few weeks in Colorado that it seemed right just to keep riding the mountain bike, so I haven't been on the road bike for awhile. It felt bad again for a while, but a few little adjustments and things got better. I just set up new shoes and cleats so that was part of the problem.
I decided you have to go too fast on a road bike though to get a workout in, adding even more wind chill, so I'll keep to the mountain bike for awhile yet.
I just did the countdown and I've only got 9 days left of base riding and all the calories are adding up. Seems like I'm eating Powerbars and gels like mad on the rides lately and I can barely go an hour without feeling hungry around the house. The metabolism is on full throttle and that only means one thing...

Yep, more grafiti showing up around the city, and it's speaking to me!
If you're really hungry, you should check out this link!


Anonymous said...

Hey, riding in these conditions is what makes Midwest riders tougher that the rest. Let them have their sunshine and nice weather, cuz when it comes down to tough situations during events, you will have the upper hand. Mentally and physically...keep it up.

C Money

Anonymous said...

doesn't that grafitti say FAT?

Anonymous said...

I think it says "EAT"

meaning Tristan is going to "EAT" those colorado guys alive this year.

D A N O said...

You know, I have been riding this town twice a week for years, and have never seen any of this "grafiti".

I think T-bag carries a few spray cans in his jersey, in case he's in the mood for a little "taggin".