March 19, 2006

Weekend Rides, More Graffiti

What a great weekend for riding! Finally, the wind slowed down and the sun came out for some good weather and just in the nick of time for the weekends long rides too. I put in a pretty big week and today the legs were talking back at me, telling me they wanted to turn around and go home early, but with the sun shining and the ipod rockin', it was easy enough to get them to spin along for a few more hours. It feels pretty good to finish up a 5 hour ride when all is said and done, today it took me about 4 to find my legs, but the last hour was pretty fun coming home with the tailwind!
The forcast for all next week is great too, mid 30s-40s and sun all week long. It's going to be my last week of base riding so it's going to be pretty hardcore, I think 3 hours is going to be the shortest ride, so warm weather and sunshine should help me get through the last big push before a well deserved recovery week.

I found some more graffiti for DANO, I know it was driving you crazy not knowing where the last one was, You have no clue where this is.
L for Loser


D A N O said...

Thats it!
I am gonna take some time and tour our beutiful city. I will find all these works of art.

I still think you are doing this.

D A N O said...

And I realize I missed the "a" in beautiful.

Nasty said...

dude, you guys need to escape the awefulness of the midwest and come out to the Real west where we can train in the balmy 65-75 drgree weather and get sunburned in the process. And they say I am getting soft... The Grafitti scene is way hard core here too.