February 15, 2006

It never fails

It never fails, I don't know what it is but whenever I roll into Boulder, the temperature drops and the snow starts falling. Whitey informed me, as he walked in covered in snow, that last time it snowed this much in Boulder was last year when I came out with TJ and Chad for a training camp.

The drive back from Fruita is pretty easy in the Touareg, even going over Vail pass with an inch of snow on the road, and the trailer, it rallies pretty good.

Treats on the road, the natural food store in Frisco makes a mean organic carrot cake.

After driving through snow for 2 hours, Nick's mobile garage needed a good scrubdown

I just received word that tomorrow will be a trainer party because of 20 degree temps and 4 inches of snow on the ground. Now, I left Wisconsin after only logging 20 minutes of total trainer time this year, so I find it ironic that I come out here for decent riding weather and I'm called over to a trainer party. I'll have to do a little rescheduling of the training plan and see how I can get out of it.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...that carrot cake looks yummy! Don't expect any sympathy from us Wisconsinites...here's our forecast:

***WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT FOR FOND DU LAC, SHEBOYGAN, DODGE, WASHINGTON, OZAUKEE AND JEFFERSON COUNTIES. ***WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT FOR WAUKESHA, MILWAUKEE, WALWORTH, RACINE AND KENOSHA COUNTIES. TODAY; Windy with snow, mixed with rain and sleet from Milwaukee south. A thunderstorm is also possible. Total snow accumulations 3-6 inches for Milwaukee and points souths. 6-12 inches north of Milwaukee.

Mike said...

yeah, at least you can go snowboarding..

TJ said...

Our temps have dropped 25 degrees too. It's unfortunate for all of us, really. It was all the way down to 55 degrees when I had to ride today! At least it was still sunny... Enjoy Boulder.

Jay Richards said...

It was -25 when I went skiing yesterday morning. When I rode, my fork bottomed out from the cold and stayed there.