January 25, 2006

Sick blog

Well, I was no more than just over a week into my riding when I got hit with the sick bug. I wasn't feeling to hot last night and this morning it has hit me hard. My head is the size of a balloon and just about every inch of my body aches. Nazty!
To add to the mess, I was informed by Jamie that I fly out on Thursday, not Friday, for Colorado. Bummer, now I have to pack up two bikes and everything I need for a month of riding today instead of today and tomorrow! Plus, that would have given me an extra day to recover which would have been nice in hindsight.
Well, anyway, I got it done but it felt like I was doing full on intervals putting everything in my bag.

SBC was over today and it seems like everything is back to normal, this is nice because I can now lay in bed, sick, and read everyones blogs using the wireless. After reading everyone elses I even decided I could do my own! I spose I should be sleeping but then I'd wake up at 3am and be wide awake so I'm forcing the sleep thing a little longer.

Ah, well, next update comes from somewhere in Colorado. Hopefully the sick but gets scanned at the airport and they take it away from me.

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