January 29, 2006


I'm currently poaching wireless from the closed coffee shop in GJ. Sager is sitting on the ground in front of the door in search of a stronger signal!
The weather hasn't been great yet, but the potential is there, hopefully the sun comes out in the next few days.

Day 1 - 1/28/6
Well, after getting a late start out of Boulder yesterday, we rolled into Junction around 11pm. We hit a pretty decent snow storm over Loveland pass and another one over Vail pass that slowed us down a lot, especially with the trailer in tow but I must say, the Touraeg with 4 wheel drive and all the other bling $50K cars have made it OK. We were going down Vail pass and I’ve never seen snow so deep, the signs on the side of the road were actually half buried in snow and you couldn’t actually crash off the road, only into a snow bank taller than me! It was really strange to see the mountains like that because the only times I’ve ever been in the rockies is when the snow is gone, so it was rush to see that much snow. Also got to see another truck 2/3 of the way up a runaway ramp – that’s gotta be scary!

Today was day number 1 of TREK camp. Only 3 of us were here for stage one but that was nice for me to get my legs under me after finally getting over the worst of my cold. We did an “easy” four hours for Nick and Whitey, “moderate” for me – but hey, they’re from Boulder where they’re taught the “one speed” and not the “one effort” type of riding. It was a great ride on new roads and Nick has lived here so it’s nice knowing that someone knows where they are going. Although, Nick did actually ride over a dogs neck today on the ride, we all stood on the side of the road not knowing what to do as it laid on its back and yelped for what seemed like an eternity. We were all sure it was dead, but eventually it did get up and ran for cover which was nice to see.

That’s it for today, I’m tired. Tomorrow they’re talking of riding up Colorado National Monument, but that might be a bit much climbing for me this early, we’ll see when we get there.

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Ian Stanford said...

Be sure to watch "American Flyers" before the ride. You can all take on roles in the movie. Nick can be the crazy Russian in the Jofa helmet. You will all have to fight over Kevin Costner's role. -Ian