January 23, 2006

Saturday Morning Ride/ Is Sheboygan Ghetto Part 1

I seem to be having some SBC internet trouble lately so this Saturday morning ride update is a little late.
We got 4" of snow over Friday night which was fine heading out, all the roads were solidly packed snow and the beach was alright for riding. Stop for breakfast and 30 minutes later with full on Wisconsin sunshine on the snow and you have a mushy, slushy, watery mess. I thought about riding the cross bike which has the full Freddy Hardcore Fender set up on it but it would have been tough to ride the beach on that so I took the old reliable fully rigid mtn. bike with single rear motoX style fender. It worked great until the snow melted and I had water running down my shins and shoes. I made it home before it soaked in all the way so it wasn't that bad. I ended up with about 4 hours of riding too so that was pretty good.

Must have gotten some moisture on the lens

this is why you dedicate your clunker to beach riding only.
notice the 1x9 drivetrain, it's pretty nice actually, something
think about for the NORBA season.

Is Sheboygan Ghetto??? Part 1

I am going to start a weekly blog entry titled "Is Sheboygan Ghetto" for this exact reason. Yes, it's true, dial 1-800-taxi in Sheboygan and this is the clunker that rolls up in front of your house. Now I've been a lot of places, seen a lot of ghettos, and ridden in a few taxi's but heck, the south side of Tucson, AZ doesn't even have anything this ghetto. So...

I'd like to here from you! Is Sheboygan "Ghetto"?
If you have any Sheboygan "Ghetto" pictures you'd like to send to me, I'd gladly post them on the site for all to laugh at. Comments on the subject are also gladly accepted. Take your best shot and don't hold back.

Hints-Suggestions: Wal-Mart parking lot, Memorial Mall, McDonalds, Any meth lab being taken down by Sheboygan SWAT and Bomb squad (these should be the easiest, only had 3 busted last year). Good luck!
Photos can be sent to Tschouten@gmail.com


D A N O said...

Dude, you didnt want to give out you Gmail account to us Sat morn, but list it on your blog?

Now THAT is ghetto.

P.S. I have seen that taxi in action!

Anonymous said...

There's actually a couple of those that drive around...maybe it's the mafia in taxi disguise???

Eric O. said...

was "Clark W. Griswald Jr." the driver

Anonymous said...

You can't even talk about ghetto till you've been to New Orleans...

C Money

Chris said...

How about that dude that drives around downtown Milwaukee with the speakers on his station wagon, broadcasting anti-Catholic and anti-Establishment messages all day? Does he ever make it to Sheboygan?

DLAK said...

Do all you guys have penis hats?