December 18, 2005

Don't read if your name is Chris

Update: The Chris Horner picture has been located! I can't post the picture but follow this LINK. I'ts great.

Sunday afternoon and I'm not racing. I think it's the first time in the last 6 months that I haven't but that's OK. It's pretty nice not having to go outside and ride since it's only like 18 degrees out there. Right now I'm having a hard time even going out to my car to drive anywhere it's so cold.
I was kinda hoping the Pack would be playing today so I could lay on the couch and watch the game but they play Monday night so that will have to wait 'til then.

Instead, I've been searching the net for the funniest cross picture I have ever seen but I can't seem to relocate it. It was a picture of Chris Horner with both hands on the hoods of his levers lifting his bike so the rear wheel would clear the barrier. The handlebars where over his head as he lifted to get the bike high enough and the bike was dangling down to his knees, it was pretty hilarious. I don't think I had ever quite seen anything like it. I did find this picture, but I'll keep looking for the other.

Bottle cage to the ribs - ouch!

Now I'm not a Chris Horner hater so don't take this the wrong way. I really like the way he races, I met him when I raced with Saturn, I had lunch with him once in Portland, OR two years ago, He was a pretty nice guy but there was just so much hype that he might be a dark horse for the V at CX Nats this year that I couldn't just leave it at that. I mean, why haven't we heard some post race comments on what he thought or why he didn't pull it off like so many seemed to think he might?

Carl Decker putting a knee to Horner's head

I'm sure tomorrow morning when Chris sits down with his coffee and checks out my site, that he might not be so happy with me poking at his technique (like I should really talk right, I'm not exactly the smoothest dude out there) but come on Chris, don't leave us hangin', is this where the story ends?? Will you be back next year? Was it a killer time riding around in the mud? Was it more fun than the Tour? Was it harder than you thought? Harder than a tour stage? Tell us what you thought.
Maybe I should try and get ahold of him to do a Blog interview and find out for myself, that would be pretty sweet.
Or, maybe I'll find something else to do and forget about it like everyone else.
I think that's what I'll do, besides, what would I look like climbing some hors category climb after 6 hours of racing at the tour? I'd probably look a lot worse than Horner holding his bars over his head and I'd get zero publicity for it.

Eh, whatever,
I forgot to bring my bikes in last night and look what happend!!

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Dan I. said...

You got your wish. Chris H. interview at

Check it!