December 20, 2005

Cold fingers and prosthetic hooks

I couldn't google any contact information on Chris Horner for an interview the other day which kind of bummed me out because today Cyclingnews did my interview.

In other cycling news, did ya catch that picture of Wellens kicking a fan, how sweet was that!!!
The two dudes on the left side of the picture are pretty hysterical, especially the one with the baseball hat on.
Isn't that why they did away with the beer tents, to keep rowdy fans away from the racers? And wasn't it Wellens complaint that did away with the tents?
Check out all the boots at the bottom of the picture, either that's the farmers cheering section or those Belgiuns come prepared. I count 5 pair.

In other non cycling related news I found the captain's hook! Today while shopping the Salvation army I found a $10 prosthetic hook, at least that's what I think it is. Maybe it's just part of a left over Halloween costume but from the looks of the two tightening bolts near the base it's definitely made to attach to something and it was pretty sturdy. At $10 it's definitely a steal if you've been needing a new hook but it seems that in this day and age you might be able to come up with a newer hook that has a bit more flexibility.

Like this one.

Then you could at least work on your bike

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be in the 20s for this first time since I've been home so I think I'm going to try and get out in the morning and do some skiing. I got my skis waxed today which is always a painfully cold job in an unheated garage but I managed to finish after two trips inside to warm up so I should be ready to hit up the trails tomorrow and see how weak my hip flexors are and how much of my form I've held over from last year. Should be great!


Neil said...

SWEET PICTURE!! The coolest thing is that Wellens got to keep his finish.

Anonymous said...