September 26, 2005

Still can't find UCI cross results???

Saturday's full results from my camera phone

Race report on day number two. Basically the same guys that were up there on day one were all up there again riding around in a big group. This was really anoying because I wanted it to go harder and break the group up since I thought I would have a better chance of getting away at the end over sprinting alot of these guys.

There was a huge pileup on the first lap which took out a TIAA CREF dude, Stechman, and a couple other guys that were up there. We had to bunnyhop this burm and then land on the downside which was off camber downhill and on a corner so the first guy in goes way to fast and crashes as the course pushed him to the outside. A few more guys pile in to make a tangled mess of bikes and people but I think everyone was OK, it was a pretty sweet crash though and scared everyone on that corner the rest of the race.

So we ride around in circles for the next 50 minutes shedding riders as we go. A couple times it was going hard and once Matt Kelly and I were off the front with another dude but Powers bridged the gap and towed the field with him. Finally with 3 laps to go it starts raining and the grassy field turns into a slipp'n slide fest. On the last lap Powers goes to the front and just drives it hard as the rain pours down on us. I'm sitting third wheel when the guy in 2nd goes down on a corner opening up a gap to Powers. That's all it took for the gap to open and then I'm the one left chasing. I brought back a little time on him but got outsprinted by Jonathan Baker since he sat on the whole last lap crying that he couldn't pull through, if he would've I bet we could have cought Powers!

Anyway, It was a pretty fun weekend and getting 3rd on Sunday made up for the bike problems Saturday.
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Doug said...

Good job, check out my site, I got a number of pictures of the Waterford CX race:


Way to Rock it against thoose Roadies tristan...... Stout misses you, he has been sulcking since ya left... Hope the drive wasn't to bad-----

Joe @ Sunrise Sports said...

Full resuls are up at:

Anonymous said...

Not my fault you believed it. Sucker MTB'er.