September 1, 2005

Giant TCR c2 for sale

Tonight I did a lot of stuff. Seems like I'm now in the ebay business for other people so I spent the night posting about 30 more things. Need a fax machine??.
Then I had to fill out fourth quarter USADA forms which is always a hard job. Trying to guess when I'm going to be home or gone racing, I don't even know what I'm doing next week much less in November! I got tested the day after Calumet Sun Run a few weeks ago though which made for the 3rd surprise test this year. Nothing like getting tested for WORS races.
I also put my Giant TCR C2 up for sale on roadbike review. If you know anyone looking for a sweeeeet ride, let 'em know! I'm riding my cross bike for the rest of the season.

I rode this morning with the Brians over at the quarry again, it's getting to be that time of the year when we do hot laps before work in the morning in prep for the Wigwam Ultimax World Championships. It gets pretty boring but where else is there to mountain bike around here?

I was just reading Todd Wells' website, sounds like he's not having a good time at mountain bike worlds this year. It reminds me of my trip to Livigno, Italy last year except all the bad stuff is happening to him before the race instead of after. I hope he finds out the bus schedule is wrong before he banks on that only to find there is no bus Sunday night to leave on like I did!! Good luck Todd.

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