August 31, 2005

Two rides and cookies

So much for my week off of riding. I started the day with an easy 2 hour spin with Schaning and Matter. I haven’t seen B. Schaning all summer so it wasn’t very hard for them to talk me into riding. Schaning always has some good stories to share and this ride was no different. I rode my cross bike for the second time
When I got back from the ride it was straight to Wolf’s for work. Four hours later and Spiro’s trying to talk me into doing laps at the quarry. I ended up doing 2 laps over there this evening with him and it was pretty good. I felt pretty good on both rides so I guess I’m finally recovered from Vermont.
Now I’m hanging at Jamie’s and she’s making chocolate chip cookies, they’re going to be really good! I think she’s got ice cream too so I might have to have both!

I wonder if Martini made it home yet.


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